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Yunani Life



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Arm yourself against the onset of feeling run down or an impending illness with yu-SHIELD. This botanical blend is your frontline defense, designed to empower your immune system's resilience and response.

yu-SHIELD is more than just an immune booster. Its power lies in promoting increased protein synthesis and an immediate surge in T-cell production, crucial components of your immune system. By enhancing these key immune functions, yu-SHIELD helps your body fight off illnesses more effectively.

This formula is a fusion of earth-sourced herbs and potent nutrients known to support immune health. Among its notable ingredients are stress-resisting adaptogens like Eleuthero and Ashwagandha, and essential immune-supporting minerals like Zinc.

Reach for yu-SHIELD at the first sign of feeling under the weather. With this natural ally, you're not just protecting your health, but actively enhancing your vitality and resilience, no matter the season.*
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