Ancient natural healing practice based on principles of harmony and balance, uniting the physical, mental, and spiritual realms.

Our Mission is Grand:

Empower women to take charge of their health and well-being.

Why Us?

Scientific Research and Clinical Application: 

These formulas have been used by health practitioners for over 43 in clinical use. We use scientific research to determine the right form and dose of nutrients to ensure effectiveness.

No Harmful Excipients – Safe & Pure: 

Our supplements do not contain harmful excipients like binders, fillers, flow agents, disintegrants, coloring, and preservatives. They are GMO-free and ethically sourced from natural whole food or wildcraft sources. We use 100% vegetable-based capsules which break down at the right moment for optimal absorption.

Third-Party Lab Testing: 

We use third-party labs to first test for the content and purity of individual ingredients and then again for contaminants, toxins, and proper dosage. This ensures that the product is safe and of high quality and contains what is listed on the label.

Good Manufacturing Practices:

Yunani Life follows strict GMP standards established by the FDA and is made in an FDA-inspected facility. This ensures that the supplements are properly manufactured and contain the correct ingredients.

Reputable Company: 

These products have a long history (since 1980) and are established in the field. It was formulated by experts and uses research data from around the world to create our products.

Targeted Formulations: 

Our supplements are formulated to target specific needs, enhancing their effectiveness. They are not just single-ingredient supplements but are composed of various ingredients that work synergistically.

No Allergens or Additives: 

Our products are allergen-free and do not contain gluten, preservatives, GMOs, artificial sugars or sweeteners, and most are vegan*. They are also free from common allergens like soy and dairy*. (unless stated otherwise*)

Enzyme Delivery System (EDS): 

The unique Enzyme Delivery System ensures that every product is assimilated into the body properly and enhances the body's digestion of the rest of your diet.

Adaptogen Blend (ADPT): 

Each formula contains a proprietary blend of adaptogens that boost the effectiveness and performance of every formula. Adaptogens support the body's ability to function, adjust, and perform, and provide numerous health benefits.

Incredible Customer Support

Unmatched customer service and attention to customer needs. We treat customers like family. We believe in your satisfaction so much, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Women Owned & Operated

Our company is created by women for women, and we take pride in being an all-woman team. 

We understand the unique needs and challenges that we face, and our mission is to empower women on their journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Small Business & Small Batch Made

As a small-batch company, we hold a magnifying glass to every step of our process, ensuring superior quality and consistency across our product range. Our size allows us to maintain a hands-on approach, ensuring that every product is crafted with meticulous care and personal touch, enhancing your experience with each dose.

We Believe...

that true health begins by creating an atmosphere of balance. Holistic Health is a whole person approach; uncovering and understanding root cause drivers to poor health and disease. It’s a balance of food choices, stress inputs, toxins, poor relationships, sleep and so much more. What we know to be true for most people, is that food and lifestyle are related and interconnected. And they all need to be in balance.

With a deep respect for ancient healing practices, we combine traditional wisdom with modern science to create products that nourish both the body and the mind. Our supplements are crafted using natural ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers, ensuring the highest quality and effectiveness. 

But Yunani is more than just a supplement company. We are a community of women who share a common goal: to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

Taking Care of Yourself is FUN

Meet Our Founder

Allow us to introduce Alexa, the driving force behind Yunani, and a passionate advocate for natural healing and holistic wellness. With a deep-rooted connection to the power of nature, Alexa believes in the transformative effects of a natural approach to life.

As a third-generation provider of natural healing products, Alexa grew up using these formulas and witnessed firsthand their benefits. This personal experience has fueled her belief in the potential of natural remedies to enhance well-being.

But it was when Alexa became a mom that she truly understood the power of these products. As a wife and mother, she wanted nothing but the best for her family, especially her 2-year-old son.

Using these natural supplements on her own family and seeing the positive impact they had on their well-being gave her an additional resource and sense of empowerment like no other.

Alexa's love for nature goes beyond her professional endeavors. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast and finds solace and inspiration in activities such as skiing, mountain biking, hiking, motorcycles, backpacking, white water rafting, and exploring new places.

For her, being connected to nature is not just a hobby but a healing place where she feels most herself. Finding balance is at the core of Alexa's life mission. She believes in the power of good food, spirituality, and listening to the universe and her body.